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We’ve all seen them — those runners who jog by with long, lean, enviable bodies and nary a jiggle or patch of cellulite in sight. Yes, running is one of the best ways to torch calories, tone your muscles, and improve your cardiovascular health 

Need this in my life, ive fell off yall. October is going to kick my ass an im ready for it. I’m lucky to have a job that gives me no option but to be fit. Inner self: “Get it girl!”

When I realized my bum had returned from its hiatus.

Reminiscing on how much i love to dance, growing up i was always overshadowed by my sisters. My eldest had a weird glow stick gino obsession and loved to pop lock to micheal jackson hits. The other one was an up incoming dancehall queen, perfecting her headtop.. How could i ever compete or be up to par? Now i got my own classs bitchessssss!! Gotta pat yourself on the back sometimes, because only you know the full extent of your journey.

About to get my grub on, but lemme take this pic right quick.
Mixed Feelings. 

I was tagged by ilfred, urfvgrl & brownies4myybrownie  Feeling hella special guys!! 
Name: Melanie aka Mel aka Belanie -_-  aka SweetnezZ DOB: May 25th 1992Birth Place: TorontoHome: TorontoFavorite Food: It’s between Shrimp Roti @ Durpati’s Or FriesDrink: Malibu Coconut Flavoured Rum mixed with Pineapple Juice and Sprite, I haven’t tried this but I’m confident I would love it. Movie: Thirteen, To do ListTV Shows: Shameless, until Orange is the New Black comes back on.. Music: Anything that can soothe me, so right now I like Spooky Black & Jhene Aiko Place: Dominican, or anywhere warm really. School Subject: Sociology Sport: I’m starting to enjoy watching Football, I loved playing RugbyActor: N/A I can’t remember names Actress: ….Aubrey Plaza Siblings: 6 sisters, one brother, one adopted brother. Dream Job: Fashion Designer, Youtube Guru, or Fitness studio owner.Fears: Having Regrets, or being Trapped.. Religion: Spiritual believerTattoos: Sunflower & “Forgive the Unforgettable”Piercings: Eyebrow & Nipples Languages: English Reason behind my URL: My niece and I were planning on making our own name brand, vanity lane was the name we were going with because vanity slave was taken… womp
Why you joined Tumblr: My first post was: “Decided to make a tumblr, when i figured my friends and family were probably tired of hearing me vent. Might as well vent to complete strangers.”
I tag: chromepaul , @alkebu-lani, -imaginarythoughts-, unexvmined &&& @mycatsmybf
Because I want to get to know all of you beautiful people! 

isn’t she lovely melsjb-xo

Love this photo.





about this schmoney, let’s get it poppin


I can totally see me and my dude doing this!

Y’all ain’t gone applaud the matching fits!? DONT WORRY I WILL. Y’all out here in these streets looking glorious as hell. Keep being beautiful! 

We’re trying, thank you for taking it in!!! melsjb-xo and I were looking #cleant down to the glasses. 

Thank you!

If you ever pat my fro, ill take that as an insult.